This page is where you will find various tutorials covered in class.  Some may be in the form of a Word document with instructions, others may be links to video tutorials.

Creating a contact Sheet:

Creating a Digital Contact Sheet in Lightroom


Steps for Image editing Workflow in Photoshop CS6:

Image-editing-workflow-follow these steps before turning in “Final” or “Best” images

If you don’t remember these steps we did in class, check out the videos tutorials below for a refresher…

Open, rotate, straighten, crop

Levels Adjustment

Hue and Saturation Adjustments

Adjusting and removing flaws


Pixelstick Tutorials

  • Slow shutter speed/ low ISO/ manual focus before shooting/ tripod
  • Covert jpegs to pixelstick ready images here: pixelstick image converter
  • Save images to SD card (not in a folder)


Star Trails:

HOW TO…Star Trail

stars #1 1-14 monument-valley-star-trails-kenneth-sponsler



Levitation: -Mr. Fulton practices levitating

Custom Lighting Effects and Textures

Learn to use use images with texture to complement your image.  Add lighting effects, and blending modes to help make your image unique and dramatic.

Lighting and Texture techniques


 Pinhole Effect:

Below is a link to a Photoshop tutorial that will take you through the steps of creating a vintage black and white pinhole camera effect without having to do the traditional developing method.  Follow the steps and post your finished product to your site.

1. Open one of your images in Photoshop that you would like to apply this effect.

2. Watch the tutorial and follow along as you make changes to your own image.  Pause and rewind as needed to be sure you get all of the steps.

3.  Post your final product as “CS6 Pinhole Effect”

 Batch Resize:

If you are looking to resize a bunch of images to the same size at the same time…

Batch Resize for Joiners from Kenneth Fulton on Vimeo.


Steel Wool- Slo Mo Guys

**Be very careful and make sure you are wearing protective gear, and be aware of your surroundings…Don’t catch stuff on fire!!!!**

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